PU Insert Stainless Steel Tactile Strip

The polyurethane tactile indicators are one of the best tactile indicators used at hazardous  areas.It have been developing for a long time and widely used.The material of the PU Tactile is polyurethane.

The PU tactile color for the polyurethane tactile indicator is yellow. The color of the PU tactile is clear and has a warning effect.The PU tactile are available in a vast range of other colors and it’s can be produced on order at the customer's request(basic colors: black and yellow).

The PU tactile is divided into two types: pin/no pin. No pin items is installed by gluing it to the surface which is simple,flexible and easy to install.No floor chips and perforations and can be walk immediately.PU tactile with pin only use installation template to quickly install.
Characteristics of PU insert Stainless steel Tactile strip
The PU tactile with a long life without wear or deformation.
The PU tactile has peel and bond technology easy to install.
The PU tactile is dyed during the preparation of the pulp.
The PU tactile is also very durable after 24 hours of soaking in water.
The PU tactile is 110 degrees in hardness test.
The chemical composition of the material with flame retardant and UV, as well as its mechanical properties provide the perfect adhesiveness to concrete and coated surfaces.

Advantage of PU insert Stainless steel Tactile strip
The PU tactile has good abrasion resistance
The PU tactile are very durable and easy to maintain.
The size, pattern and length of PU tactile can be customized by using a mold
If the PU tactile mold is available,it will take short production time
Compared with stainless steel tactile,the PU tactile with bright colors,strong visual sense and no rust.

Application of PU insert Stainless steel Tactile strip
The PU tactile is used to mark all hazardous indoors and outdoors areas, such as:
  • edges of waiting platforms
  • edges of walkways routes
  • beginning of stairs and escalators,
  • passage for persons with disabilities
  • pedestrian crossings,
  • elevators entrance,
  • and others