• Directional Tactile Indicator Bar & Strips

    All the size are compliant with Standard ,+_ 1mm for the length , +- 0.5mm for the thickness ,+-0.5 for the width . Good surface , All of our products are unification ,symmetrical & shine surface .  Environmental , We don’t do the electrolytic polishing .All of our products are very shine without any chemichal processing.Fast Delivery,5-25days lead time.Our Monthly output is 200,000-300,000 pcs directional  indicators .

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  • Warning Tactile Indicators Studs

    Tactile indicator studs are designed for applications where rubber and concrete based tactile tiles may not be suitable.Tactile Indicator Studs are an attractive intrusion into solid flooring surfaces to improve slip resistance or to act as a textural warning.They are allow to be installed onto pedestrian surfaces, urban spaces and public buildings.

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  • Tactile Paving

    Tactile paving  is easy to install and used for certain fixed occasions. A tactile path is used by partially sighted people for navigational purpose.
    Japan was one of the pioneers in the introduction of tactile pavings. Its modern form can be classified into two types: one has small, round bumps upon the surface of the block, which are felt through a sole, and the second is a directional aid, with long, slender bumps being installed on the surface.

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  • Skatestopper

    At almost every commercial building and streetscape, external public areas and piazzas are at the mercy of those who use them. These areas often form part of entrances to magnificent architectural buildings. Property and facilities managers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every year in time and money on costs associated with clean up and repairing damage caused by skateboarders, in-line skates and bikes.

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  • Stainless Steel Bollards

    we sell a range of bollards that create barriers for security and protection. Our bollards are ideal for car parks, protecting pedestrians from vehicles and also for preventing ram-raids and similar security precautions. 

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  • Braille Signs

    Braille is a way of representing text with a series of raised dots allowing blind people to read with their fingers. The six dots that make up Braille translate into letters of the alphabet, numbers, symbols and common words. Braille is a coding system that is used by blind and visually impaired people in all languages.

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  • Stair Nosing

    Xiongchang range of stair nosing profiles is extremely versatile, Non-slip profiles for stairs finished in ceramic tile, porcelain tile, wood and other materials, designed to protect edges and the nosing between treads and risers. Special rounded profiles for a bullnose finish. Elegance and resistance for all public and private applications. Reversible steel stair profiles, designed to protect the nosing and hide the join between tread and riser.

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  • Accessories

    Installation for tactile indicator

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