Stair Nosing

Xiongchang range of stair nosing profiles is extremely versatile, Non-slip profiles for stairs finished in ceramic tile, porcelain tile, wood and other materials, designed to protect edges and the nosing between treads and risers. Special rounded profiles for a bullnose finish. Elegance and resistance for all public and private applications. Reversible steel stair profiles, designed to protect the nosing and hide the join between tread and riser.
we offer a selection of Stair Nosings ideal to meet Part 3 of the Disability Discrimination Act especially that aimed at the partially sighted. All stairs that are accessible by the public should have a slip resistant contrasting nosing present.

Our Nosings are high quality - Get your FREE Sample to judge for yourself.

Fibreglass Nosings are extremely hard wearing with a grit finish for either internal or external use.

Aluminium Nosings for a more refined look for internal use only. Glow in the Dark Nosings designed for indoor staircases.

Stainless steel Nosings are good natural metallic color , grooved surface- R11 anti-slip.