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Analysis of the Working Principle of Automatic Lifting Column

As the top traffic safety tool in protective facilities, the fully automatic lifting column is expensive due to its complex internal structure. Its working principle should be analyzed according to different types. The fully automatic lifting column is divided into electric lifting column and hydraulic lifting column. two kinds. Next, tactile indicators manufacturer Xiongchang will explain the working principle of the fully automatic lifting column.

1. The working principle of automatic lifting column

The automatic bollard is mainly driven up and down by the air pressure and electromechanical integration inside the cylinder. The main accessories are the electric gas spring and the power motor. The electric gas spring and the power motor are combined. Simple control method can realize lifting and lowering, and the product cost will also be reduced a lot.

2. Product features of fully automatic lifting column

(1) Exquisite and beautiful, the column is made of 304 stainless steel, the top can be customized with reflective film or warning light strips, and it can be raised to form an effective protective wall.

(2) Safety voltage, the lifting column adopts 24V safe working voltage to ensure the safety of the operator, energy saving, stable and pollution-free, convenient maintenance, and can achieve rapid lifting.

(3) Waterproof design, the internal waterproof design of the electric lifting column, the waterproof level reaches IP6, and the water seepage layer is reserved at the bottom, which can quickly discharge the silt water.

(4) The price is low, and the automatic stainless steel bollards use accessories to ensure its own anti-collision performance, challenging the industry's low price.

Find the center point at the position where the lifting barricade needs to be installed, dig out a pit equal to the size of the product, lay about 10cm of sand and gravel at the bottom, and then put the lifting barricade to make it flush with the ground, and pre-embed a diameter 6 branch pipe to the controller, pour cement around the barricade until it is flush with the ground, and connect the controller to 220V power.

The above is to introduce all the contents of the retractable bollards for you, I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more, you can browse our website, we will provide you with more professional information. You can also leave a message to Xiongchang, and we will provide you with online services.

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