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Stainless Steel Tactile Indicator Bar & Strips

Stainless steel tactile strips are strong enough to help the visually impaired people get through stably and guide them to the right direction. The tactile strip can be easily paved onto different public places. Xiongchang supplies a wide range of stainless steel tactile strips for you to choose. The stainless steel tactile bars are all set at a reasonable and competitive price.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Tactile Bars

Compared with casting stainless steel diectional indicators, our products have the following advantages:
1. All the size are compliant with Standard, ±1mm for the length, ±0.5mm for the thickness, ±0.5 for the width.
2. Good surface, All of our products are unification, symmetrical & shine surface. 
3. Environmental, We don't do the electrolytic polishing. All of our products are very shine without any chemichal processing.
4. Fast Delivery, 5-25 days leed time. Our Monthly output is 200,000-300,000pcs directional  indicators. 
5. All of our products don't do the mould for the surface. Any quantity are processable. 
6. Any size of the stems are workable without mould, As the different installation, there are many different stems, (carpet stem, long screw stem, regular stem)
There are two material available, Marine grade S/S316L anti-corrosion material & Stainless steel 304. There for use in indoor or outdoor spaces requiring a quality appearance. All of our raw material are purchased from famous stainless steel company with material certificate. All of our indicators are up to the standard ( Luminance contrast & Anti-skid factor ect). Please find our PDF files for the test reports.

All the samples are available, even the new design and new size. The lead time for the samples is 5-7 days.

Wuyi Xiongchang is committed to bringing high-quality, well-performing, sustainable accessibility and specialty products to the marketplace. Our long term goal is to provide products that offer sustainable solutions and provide "green" alternatives to the customer.

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