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Stainless Steel Bollards

As a professional bollard manufacturer, we sell a range of stainless steel bollards that create barriers for security and protection. Our stainless bollards are ideal for car parks, protecting pedestrians from vehicles and also for preventing ram-raids and similar security precautions. Our metal bollards are constructed from stailess steel, iron, for strength and reliability.

Features of Stainless Steel Bollards

Our security bollards for sale are bolted or cemented firmly into the ground for permanent protection. In addition to access bollards that are fixed permanently into place, our range of SS bollards also includes barriers that can be removed or folded down flat when access is needed. Our retractable parking bollards can be fully retracted into the ground when not being used. Our fixed stainless steel bollards are fixed into place permanently and are perfect for high-security installations. We also sell metal bollards that are designed to flex on impact to help absorb the impact and prevent damage.

As one of the leading stainless steel bollards suppliers, our traffic safety bollards are made from high-quality materials to ensure long-term use with low maintenance. Various styles, from simple to ornate, are available to suit any public or private outdoor environment. Custom colors to increase visibility are also available for most traffic safety bollards.

Different Types of Stainless Steel Bollards

Different types of SS bollards can be used in different places.

The car park security bollards are used to guide the cars to park in the right places. Also, the car security bollards can be used as anti parking bollards to prevent access to some restricted areas.

The pedestrian bollards are often seen in many landscapes and properties. They are used to define a distinct pedestrian area.

The traffic safety bollards are used to guide the traffic toward a safe way. To make sure that people can see them clearly, such access control bollards are often embedded with luminious material.

Metal safety bollards have become a necessity in the modern world. They are used to manage the pedestrian and vehicle traffic so as to ensure a safe living environment.

It's not easy to find a reliable steel bollard manufacturer, but we always provides the best stainless steel bollards solution to our customers. Contact us to get your projects through!

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