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The Unique Pneumatic Assist Device Included in the Semi-automatic Retractable Bollards

Semi-automatic retractable bollards have strong impact and impact resistance, and can creatively protect railings in applications, or allow them to be used in some sensitive areas: embassies, consulates, government agencies, banks, etc. retractable bollards are also known as lifting ground columns, lifting road piles, anti-collision road piles, hydraulic retractable bollards, isolation piles, etc. Retractable bollards are widely used in many occasions such as urban traffic, the gates of the military and important state organs and their surroundings, pedestrian streets, highway toll stations, airports, schools, banks, large clubs, parking lots and so on.

By restricting passing vehicles, the traffic order and the safety of major facilities and places are effectively guaranteed. It can be automatically controlled by the command issued by the authorized person, or controlled by the time setting. The semi-automatic retractable bollard has double-acting hydraulic action and a hydraulic device that automatically controls the retractable bollard.

1. Air pressure assist device for semi-automatic retractable bollard

Semi automatic bollards are usually suitable for passage control systems with high safety and infrequent use. For economic reasons, they are often used in conjunction with fully automatic bollards. Semi-automatic retractable bollards have higher safety protection and avoid In the case of complex strong and weak current construction, when the size of the bollard increases with the safety requirements, the unique air pressure assist device in the semi-automatic lifting bollard can bear a larger load. The descending process of the semi-automatic retractable bollards is mainly realized by the operator's own weight pressing down. When the top of the column reaches the level of the ground, the mechanical lock is self-locking, and the process of the column rising is 100% dependent on the inner nature of the bollard itself. The release function of the air pressure assist device, after using the special key to release the mechanical lock, the semi-automatic retractable bollard cylinder will automatically return to the initial position and self-locking without applying external force.

2. Characteristics of semi-automatic retractable bollard

There is no requirement for the distance between the semi-automatic retractable bollard unit and the controller, and the synchronization of multiple automatic ground columns can be ensured. The semi-automatic bollard has the characteristics of fast lifting speed and anti-collision. It can be controlled by wire and remote control, and can be programmed by computer. The semi-automatic retractable bollard system can effectively control the entry and exit of vehicles under the premise of ensuring the smooth flow of people. The beautiful and gorgeous appearance design conforms to the design style of modern buildings, and the buried installation method will not destroy the original style of the building.

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