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What is the Difference between Automatic Rising Bollards and Ordinary Road Brake?

Modern architectural design has increasingly higher requirements for vehicle access control. On the one hand, it cannot destroy the overall architectural style of the building; on the other hand, it needs to be able to block malicious collisions of vehicles and have extremely high safety protection capabilities. Thus, rising bollards came into being. It has a variety of product specifications such as fully automatic, semi-automatic, and mobile types, which greatly meets the high standards of modern architecture for vehicle access control.

So, what is the difference between automatic rising bollards and ordinary road gates?

1. The appearance difference between automatic rising bollards and ordinary road gates.

Automatic rising bollards can be hidden underground when they are not needed, will not affect the original appearance of the building, and will not take up a lot of space; ordinary gates are widely used. Because of its affordable price, it is also very popular with customers, but it will occupy a part of the space in actual applications, which makes the original architectural style a little different.

2. The difference in impact resistance between automatic rising bollards and ordinary road gates.

The automatic rising bollards are made of 4mm or 6mm304 stainless steel, and the highest anti-collision grade can reach IP67. Under normal circumstances, it can effectively block malicious collisions of vehicles, and can also provide higher-level anti-collision heavy lifting columns. Compared with ordinary gates, IP67 level of impact resistance is difficult to achieve, and gates with poor quality can be described as "vulnerable".

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