Tactile Paving

A tactile path is used by partially sighted people for navigational purpose. Surface mounted tactile paving is easy to install and is used for certain fixed occasions.

Whatever the size and scale of your project, Xiongchang can provide high-quality types of surface mounted tactile paving, and suitable tactile paving size to meet your project requirements.

Surface Mounted Tactile Paving Standards

Japan was one of the pioneers in the introduction of surface mounted tactile paving. Its modern form can be classified into two types: one has small, round bumps upon the tactile paving surfaces, which are felt through a sole, and the second is a directional aid, with long, slender bumps being installed on the surface.

Now, the use of tactile tiles is spreading throughout the world. Our surface mounted tactile paving reaches to Australia / New Zealand AS/NZS 1428.4:2002 Design for access and mobility - Tactile indicators. The types of surface mounted tactile paving are classified by material.

Materials of Tactile Paving Surfaces

① stainless steel material: (304stainless steel&316 stainless steel)
Production process: Punch (plain surface stud and strip)
               Emboss plate(diamond stud)
               Welding operation(suit for all kinds of surface )
Surface spraying of yellow or black color .
Normal Size:300*300mm; 300*600mm; other sizes could be customized

② Brass material: Rivet structure (suit for all kinds of surface )
Normal Size:300*300mm;300*600mm; other sizes could be customized

③ Polyurethane material ( One-piece molding)
Exist moulding for XC-MDB7001&XC-MDB7003*XC-MDB7018
Normal Size:300*300mm; other sizes could be customized with moulding