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The Construction Method of Tactile Paving

There is a conjoined construction method of tactile pavings, especially, embedding the tactile pavings with a hollow part and a downward protruding pile in the soft and thick pavement so that the concrete or PU pavement material can cover the protrusion of the bottom of the above-mentioned brick, and enter the hollow part of it. This makes the embedding of tactile paving more stable and prevents the brick surface from cracking under pressure.

Generally, for the convenience of blind people to identify the direction when walking the road, the roads are paved with tactile surface indicators. This kind of tactile paving usually has the direction sign of the long round floating bulge bars, or circular and convex attention matrix on the brick surface so that the blind can know the walking direction by feeling the sole and touching the end of the blind sticks.

The public know that the most common construction method of the existing tactile pavings is to set it the same shape and size as the general floor tiles and mix them to pave on the sidewalk. This kind of existing and common tactile paving has the same laying way as the common sidewalk tiles, which is directly paved on the ground. But in this way, the bond strength between the tactile paving and pavement would be poor. Besides, there are often some vehicles (such as locomotives) running or parking on the existing sidewalks, resulting in heavy pressure, which will cause damage to the entire tactile pavings. This is not only inconvenient to replace and repair, but also easy to cause damage to the blind if the cracked tactile paving is not cleaned.

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