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Six Indicators Teach You How to Buy Fully Automatic Rising Bollards

Ⅰ. Advantages and applications of automatic rising bollards

The automatic rising bollard has become the ideal and best way to solve the problem of rapid pedestrian diversion, especially in places where the flow of people is concentrated, such as airports, railway stations, stadiums and schools, automatic rising bollards will not cause obstacles to the passage of people, which are convenient, smooth, safe and reliable.

Automatic rising bollards are a product with the most mature technology of rising bollard products and are widely used. It is not only reflected in a wide range of use scenarios, more relaxed use conditions, and higher technical support. After-sales products are significantly less than other types of rising bollard products.

1. It is safe and reliable. When there is an emergency such as a power outage, the emergency lowering button can be turned on by hand, and the column is lowered to open the passage and let the vehicle pass. The upper and lower parts of the internal fixing mechanism are respectively equipped with a current detection sensor and an electromagnetic sensor, thereby realizing the overcurrent protection of the power unit and the effective limit of the cylinder movement, and the operation is stable and reliable.

2. Economical and practical. Because it is an electric integrated mode, it is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, low consumption, lower failure rate, longer service life, and lower maintenance costs. In addition, the non-traditional guide mechanism design is adopted, which makes installation and maintenance easier and faster.

Ⅱ. Six indicators teach you how to buy automatic rising bollards

1. The width of the channel: 

The width of the channel that needs to be managed determines the number of equipment that needs to be used. Normally, the distance between the center of the column does not exceed 1.3 meters (1.1~1.5M). Different places of use can be based on your actual situation. Need to control the gap width.

2. Traffic flow: 

This number is one of the most important parameters for product selection, but users often ignore this parameter. First understand the annual/monthly total traffic volume and average daily traffic volume of the installation site.

3. Frequency of use: 

You should understand the short-term traffic flow during the peak period of the road in the use place to choose automatic rising bollards, semi-automatic rising bollards, manual lifting columns, and fixed lifting columns.

4. Lifting speed: 

Pay more attention to this parameter. It rises for 3 seconds and falls for 2 seconds. The lifting speed can be adjusted according to the movement.

5. The safety level of the place of use: 

Although all lifting columns have the function of blocking vehicles, the blocking effects of civilian products and professional-level anti-terrorism products are indeed different.

6. Group management: 

Whether it is necessary to separate lanes in and out, or group management by lanes, determines the configuration and selection of the entire control system.

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