Drill Machine

Drill Machine

We developed and designed this drill machine is specifically for blind track drill, this machine frame is made of aluminum material. This is with light weight could be easy to hold.
Electrical machinery with ultra-high speed,and need connect with the power line.

Charging electrical machine also suitable for this frame .But with higher cost .Normally ,we use two batteries,one for drilling while the other one in charge .So it could easily be changed while the other one is power off.

For hole design,we now suggest two-hole design and one hole design ,this could improve drill efficiency;

Hammer drill style could make 6 to 8 holes per minute of one electrical machine.Drills with a percussive action (hammer drills) are mostly used in hard materials such as masonry (brick, concrete and stone) or rock.

Water grinding design,(core drill).Power in corded drills is typically supplied by a universal motor, used for its high power to weight ratio.And this style could make 4 to 5 holes per minute of one electrical machine l.This could be better protect the surface of stones.Such like ceramic , Marble and granite etc..

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