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How to Choose Your Favorite Pneumatic Bollards?

Pneumatic bollards are also known as lifting ground columns, lifting road piles, anti-collision road piles, hydraulic lifting columns, isolation piles, etc. The term lifting column originally described a short vertical column that was often used when large ships were moored in ports. Today its meaning has expanded to describe various facilities that manage pedestrian traffic, protect critical infrastructure, set perimeters, and differentiate roads.

Legend has it that street guardrails began in the 17th century and were shaped like upside-down cannons to serve as boundary setting and city signs. Since then, they have appeared more and more in our daily life, everywhere, such as supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, shops and stadiums. We can often see automatic lane bollards in various shapes, either to indicate the direction to go, or to protect us from injury, or to inform us if we can park here.

The lifting column is a device that controls the passage of vehicles, and can be used in conjunction with the gate control system, or can be used alone. It is composed of bottom base, lifting blocking barricade column, power transmission device, control and other parts. According to different needs, it has a variety of configuration methods. Next, let's see how to choose a lifting column product.

(1) The width of the channel: The width of the channel that needs to be managed determines the number of devices that need to be used. Different places of use can control the spacing width according to their actual needs.

(2) Traffic flow: This number is one of the most important parameters for selecting automatic lane bollard products, but users often ignore this parameter. First understand the annual and monthly total traffic flow and average daily traffic flow at the installation site.

(3) Frequency of use: It is necessary to know the short-term traffic flow during the peak period of vehicles and roads at the use site.

(4) Lifting speed: This parameter is often more concerned.

(5) The safety level of the place of use: Although all automatic lane bollards have the function of blocking vehicles, the blocking effects of civilian products and professional-level anti-terrorism products on vehicles are indeed very different.

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