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The Correct Installation Method of Road Studs

With the widespread application of road studs in expressways and municipal roads, the quality and service life of road studs have been two factors that received more attention. In the actual application process, the road studs are often damaged and the service life is reduced due to installation problems. Based on years of construction experience, Xiongchang has summarized the problems that will often occur during the installation of road studs, and proposed a reasonable installation method. We hope to discuss with colleagues in the transportation industry.

The correct installation method of road studs is as follows:

(1) The placement and installation of safety isolation facilities is a top priority. We hope that everyone must not ignore it. In the entire dynamic construction process, everyone should be in safety facilities, such as construction on open roads. The ratio of safety personnel to installation personnel should be 1:1. For construction on unopened sections, the ratio of safety personnel to installation personnel should be 1:3.

(2) Determine the installation position of the metal road studs and ensure that the installation position is level. For roads with expansion and contraction, cracks and uneven parts, the roads should be smoothed and leveled in advance.

(3) Clean the installation location with a brush, while ensuring that the installation location is dry.

(4) Take an appropriate amount of glue and apply it evenly on the road studs.

(5) Tightly press the road studs on the installation position to ensure that the direction is correct. If there is too much glue, be sure to clean it up.

(6) If it is a cast aluminum road stud with stem, make sure that the depth of the hole is greater than the depth of the stem by 1cm, and the diameter of the hole is greater than the diameter of the stem by 2mm.

(7) A tour should be done within two hours after the road studs are installed to ensure that all road studs are not reversed, crooked because of installation problem or pressure.

(8) After the road studs are cured for 4 hours, remove the installation isolation facilities.

The installation of road stud is not a complicated matter, but there are many details that need attention. These details play a very important role in ensuring the quality requirements and service life of road studs.

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