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Five Advantages of Xiongchang's Stainless Steel Tactile Indicators

Xiongchang Hardware has been focusing on the design, development and production of blind road products for many years, insisting on the use of large plate raw materials and special equipment technology. With the advantages of high wear resistance, fine design, not easy to deform and fall off, and high cost performance, Xiongchang Hardware has won many loyal customers. The blind road of Xiongchang Hardware The strip has the following five advantages.

1. The unique anti-skid treatment process of stainless steel tactile indicators

Xiongchang Hardware has an advanced anti-skid treatment system technology. The stainless steel is brushed on the surface. At the same time, through the anti-skid treatment process such as slotting and dotting, it has stronger safety performance than ordinary stainless steel blind products.

2. Stainless steel tactile indicators have strong touch

The blind road of Xiongchang Hardware is cut and blanked from large slabs and processed by a milling machine. The stripes and dots of the blind road are naturally delicate and can be clearly perceived by stepping on it. It can give blind friends a greater sense of tactile authenticity, which is convenient, clear, fast and clear. of perceived danger and direction of travel.

3. Stainless steel tactile indicators have high corrosion resistance

Stainless steel tactile indicators adopt the genuine national standard sheet, which make the corrosion resistance of Xiongchang Hardware's blind track hardware dozens of times higher than that of ordinary blind track products.

4. The construction of stainless steel blind road is convenient and the maintenance cost is low

In terms of construction specifications, stainless steel blind road is more efficient in construction. It does not need to dig grooves for tactile paving studs. It can be directly laid on the surface of the overall material. The construction is simple and fast, and it is not easy to weather, deform and fall off during use, cracking, reducing the cost of frequent replacement.

5. Colors of tactile paving studs are permanent and do not fade or peel off

In order to meet the color requirements of the blind road, Xiongchang Hardware carried out various colors of plating or paint treatment on the original stainless steel surface, which formed a great contrast with the color of the ground. The color tactile paving studs processed by this special process can ensure stainless steel tactile indicators. The color is long-lasting and does not fade or peel off, meeting the needs of the visually impaired and the visually impaired.

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