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The Difference Between Stone Pier and Car Security Bollard

You should have seen a lot of stone piers on the roadside in your daily life. The main function of these stone piers is to prohibit vehicles from passing or parking. Car security bollards also have the same function. So, what are the differences between stone piers and car security bollards? The following Xiongchang bollard manufacturer will briefly introduce the difference between the two.

1. The functional difference between stone piers and car security bollards

Compared with car security bollards, stone piers do not have a power drive system and can only be fixed on the street. Once they are fixed on the road, it is troublesome to allow motor vehicles to pass through. The security bollard itself has its own drive system. When a vehicle needs to pass, the manager presses the remote control to complete the lifting of the bollard.

2. Impact resistance of stone piers and car security bollards

Stone piers are mostly made of granite or marble. Even the impact of ordinary vehicles will crush the stone pier. The bollards are made of stainless steel with a thickness of up to 8mm, which will not be deformed even if it is hit by a vehicle with malicious intentions and the core part at the bottom of the bollard will not be damaged.

3. The range of selection styles for stone piers and car security bollards

The styles of stone piers on the market are mainly spherical, columnar or plant-shaped, but they can only be used in place. The bollards have more styles than stone piers. According to their functions, they are divided into automatic bollards, semi-automatic bollards, manual bollards, movable bollards, fixed bollards and anti-riot bollards, etc. Regarding there are many styles, we can choose the corresponding product according to the specific use situation.

4. Where to use stone piers and car security bollards

The application range of car security bollards is relatively wide. Whether it is highways, airports, or entrances and exits of government agencies, bollards can be used to control the passage of vehicles. In addition, bollards do not affect the beauty of the building structure, and with its anti-collision and anti-riot functions, it is widely used in urban traffic, around the gates of important state agencies, banks, schools, and large parking lots. The stone pier can only be used in places that do not need the device that can be raised and lowered, and the scope of use is much smaller than that of bollards.

What are the differences between stone piers and car security bollards? After the explanation of the bollard manufacturer, I believe you will also have a certain understanding, and hope that the introduction of this article can help more people. If you want to know more about car security bollards, please contact Wuyi Xiongchang Hardware Manufacturing Co.,Ltd, and we will provide you with detailed answers.

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