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Main Points of Maintenance and Construction of Step Nosing

The step nosing is mainly used on the side of stairs to avoid slipping and collision when people are going up and down the stairs, protect the corners of the stairs, prevent bumps and fall, reduce noise and beautify the stairs. It is also called step anti-skid strip.

1. Maintenance skills of step nosing

(1) The ground after anti-skid treatment needs to be cleaned frequently. Regularly use alkaline cleaning fluid or special alkaline cleaner for porcelain surface, which is diluted with water or warm water to a concentration of 1:7-10 (the preparation ratio can be reduced for extra heavy oil pollution). Sprinkle the mixture evenly or use a flat mop to wet the ground, and then use a long-handled brush or scrubbing machine to scrub.

(2) Always use the mop in a clean state. Fill a plastic box with half a tank of water, add washing powder or detergent, remove the mop cloth after each use, put it in the tank and soak for about 20 minutes. Take it out, rinse with water and dry it for use. If part of the ground is extremely greasy, clean it regularly to keep the anti-slip effect as before.

(3) Before cleaning the step nosing every time, the cleaning objects used, such as mops, long-handled brushes, water suction machines, wipers, ground grinders, etc., must be cleaned first to ensure that the cleaning objects are clean. Use them in a clean state to avoid secondary oil pollution during cleaning.

2. Key points for the construction of step nosing

(1) The installation of the step nosing should ensure it is straight, the distance from the step edge should be the same, the linear deviation should be less than 2mm, the height deviation should be less than 1.5mm, and each step should be consistent. The step nosing should be installed firmly without warping.

(2) Or punch holes in the aluminum alloy base, use screws to fix the step nosing on the stairs, and finally insert the rubber strips on the surface. For example, use special metal buckles with wrap angle to fix the two ends of the corner, so it can prevent the step nosing from shrinking and falling off, and also make the step nosing more beautiful and high-level.

(3) For marble or cement external facades, use a slotting machine to mortise the grooves, and then embed aluminum or copper bars. Use plunge router to draw grooves on the step floor. Use vertical lines to give people the illusion of openness, rather than weakening the spatial scale. The step nosing can ensure our safety when we are climbing up and down the stairs to a certain extent, so we must pay attention to its maintenance and careful construction.

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