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Have You Paid Attention to the Braille Signs Around You?

I believe many people have never paid attention to the braille signs around them, or even don't know what braille is. As an ordinary person, in an unfamiliar environment, it is easy to find the destination according to the guidance of the guide signs. Regarding the lack of braille signs, we cannot feel "inconveniences" that the visually disabled do. However, for the blind community, it is difficult for them to move an inch in real life. In fact, there are braille signs in many public places.

1. Xiongchang will tell the braille signs around us.

(1) Public toilet signs with braille.

(2) Braille signs on elevators.

(3) Braille signs on the door number of hotel room.

(4) Braille signs on banknotes.

2. Braille signs are an indispensable part of modern cities

Outdoor accessibility guidelines can not only implant braille information, but also change the material of the logo, so that users can deepen their impression of braille sign information through the perception of different materials. In public places such as hospitals, subways, parks, museums, etc., barrier-free design is an indispensable part. As a braille printing company, we should continue to innovate and advance to create a modern living environment full of love and care, which is safe and comfortable.

Braille is a way of representing text with a series of raised dots, allowing blind people to read it with their fingers. The six dots that make up braille are translated into letters, numbers, symbols and common words. Braille is a coding system for all languages used by the blind and visually impaired. As one of the most professional braille sign suppliers in China, Xiongchang manufactures and supplies a series of handrail braille signs, braille bars, etc. If you need to install braille in public places, please contact us. Follow Wuyi Xiongchang Hardware Manufacturing Co.,Ltd, and we will continue to introduce you more information about braille.

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