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Lifting Columns Can Block Vehicle Crashes

In recent years, with the development of economy and more and more vehicles, how to prevent vehicle collision incidents has become quite important, especially in areas with extremely high population density such as squares. At this time, the management vehicle at the entrance and exit of the passage becomes a difficult problem. Once the vehicle cannot be controlled quickly and effectively, it will cause huge personal injury and be extremely harmful. If there is no effective protective measures to prevent and respond, personal safety is always a hidden danger. In the early days, in order to prohibit the passage of vehicles, it can be said that every possible means was used: some set up no-stop signs, some set up stone road pillars, and some placed stone balls; The blocking effect of the way is not so good. The emergence of automatic security bollards has effectively solved this problem.

1. Features of the lifting column

The lifting column is made of 304 stainless steel, the surface is brushed, waterproof and rustproof, no matter the harsh environment is not affected, the operation is stable, quiet and low noise. The appearance is full of technology, which can improve the perception of the surrounding environment. Not only is it waterproof to IP68, but the motor also contains thermal protection devices. The controller can lift and control 1-8 lifting columns at the same time, which is easy and convenient to operate. Usually, when the lifting column is raised, the roadblocks prevent the passage of vehicles, and tourists can pass freely. In case of special circumstances, the lifting barricades are put down to facilitate the passage of vehicles, which not only does not affect the use of the passage, but also reduces the floor space, and at the same time achieves the diversion of people and vehicles.

2. The lifting column resists all vehicle impacts and provides safety protection

The lifting column is being accepted by more and more users due to its many advantages such as safety and beauty. The lifting column is raised during the day, and vehicles are prohibited from entering. When the roadblock is lowered, vehicles can enter. Reflective warning signs, the reflective part is divided into two types: self-illumination and reflection. Self-illumination uses special LED lights embedded on the top, which can warn approaching vehicles at night. Reflective is a reflective film attached to the top of the column. This kind of warning reflective film needs to use the outside world. Lighting can play a warning role. Therefore, if there are vehicles passing by at night, you can choose to have lights with automatic lifting columns. The use of lifting columns can be widely used in public security and law enforcement agencies, banks, government agencies, R&D centers, power stations, gas stations, highways, industrial parks, property communities, commercial buildings, scenic parks, pedestrian streets and other places.

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