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Analysis of Automatic Rising Bollard System Commonly Used in Public Places

1. What are the parts of the automatic rising bollard system?

Our common automatic rising bollard system mainly includes control signal cable, column protection box, field control column, power pipeline, driving safety control accessories, power master pump, logic control box, etc. Many bollards have an aesthetic function, such as metal bollards, they are used to prevent vehicle damage to pedestrians and buildings, and can be used as a simple way to control access.

2. The automatic rising bollard system placement

Automatic rising bollards can be fixed to the ground individually, or they can be arranged in a line to close off roads and keep vehicles out for safety. Metal guardrails are fixed to the ground, while automatic rising bollards provide access to certified crowd vehicles. When establishing an automatic rising bollard system, it is necessary to dig trenches or potholes with a depth of 80-100 cm and a width of about 50 cm on site for the placement of the field control column and the column protection bottom box. At the same time, a groove of 10 cm depth is excavated, and the control cable or power pipeline of the control site is placed.

For larger-scale projects, the use of pneumatic split type is more cost-effective, and its power source is the compression of air, which will not cause damage to the environment, and has great stability, the construction quality will be easily guaranteed. automatic rising bollards are mostly used in many occasions such as urban traffic, the gates of the army and important state organs and their surroundings, pedestrian streets, highway toll stations, airports, schools, banks, large clubs, parking lots and so on. But larger power master cylinders need to be properly housed or hidden away from field equipment.

Medium-scale or small-scale projects mostly use hydraulic integrated automatic rising bollards, hydraulic drive, more power, better synchronization performance with the column, no noise when used, fast construction speed, and easy quality assurance. Different automatic rising bollard systems are used in different scopes and suitable for different projects. Pneumatic split automatic rising bollards that use a lot have good environmental protection performance, are stable at the same time, and are simple in construction. They are lifting columns suitable for modern use.

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