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Automatic Rising Bollards: A New Term in the Field of Transportation Facilities

Modern architectural planning has higher and higher requirements for vehicle access and control. Traditional gates and retractable door equipment are increasingly difficult to meet the needs of users: one is that the impact resistance is not large enough, and the other is that the size is easy to affect the overall architectural style. In addition to replacing traditional portals and gates, you can also choose automatic rising bollards to improve the safety of the maintenance site, improve the overall level and image of the site, and at the same time not damage the overall style of the building complex through its underground planning. What is the automatic rising bollard? Does it have any special abilities?

1. High-strength anti-collision frame of automatic rising bollards

The traditional frame is welded by ordinary iron rods. Because the iron rods are thinner, they can bear less impact force, so the cost is low. Xiongchang automatic rising bollards use a high-strength frame, which is larger and thicker than traditional iron rods, which can effectively block the impact.

2. Aluminum track slider of automatic rising bollards

The slider is an indispensable component of the automatic rising bollards. In order to pursue low cost and high profit, many businesses often ignore this part and use some inferior track sliders. Wuyi Xiongchang Hardware Manufacturing Co.,Ltd adopts special aluminum track slider, which can be better stabilized in the ground and strengthen the ability to withstand collisions to a certain extent.

3. Lengthened automatic rising bollards

The length of the embedded parts mainly depends on the body of the automatic rising bollards. Generally speaking, the column of the automatic rising bollard leaks 60 cm from the ground, and another 20 cm is hidden underneath. On the one hand, lengthening the bollard of the automatic rising bollard can block greater impact resistance, and on the other hand, it can better combine aluminum track with frame. The bollard body plus the high-strength frame, plus the space left by the bottom drainage, the entire embedded part is at least one meter above, this is the altitude that the automatic rising bollard should have!

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