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What Are the Obvious Advantages of Automatic Rising Bollards?

Automatic rising bollards have become more common today, compared to the previous more popular road gates, the advantages of automatic rising bollards are more obvious.

1. Safe automatic rising bollards

Road gates have been somewhat unable to keep up with the needs of today's society in terms of security, because road gate system is more cumbersome, it is usually combined with license plate recognition and other methods at entrances and exits such as parking lots. There are many news reports of people who have broken into entrances and exits, which is very dangerous. Road gate system is also more space-consuming, planning is very troublesome, automatic rising bollards are well hidden and do not affect the overall layout of the city. In the specific use of the process, if there is a power failure and other circumstances, automatic rising bollards can also be operated by manual, this safety is undoubtedly very important.

2. Multi-function automatic rising bollards

Automatic rising bollards have a very fast speed, without noise, which are environmentally friendly. The pneumatic barricade machine is very loud in use, and the side effects are obvious. Automatic rising bollards are very sensitive when manipulating, you can modulate a variety of functional forms according to their needs, but also can control the height of the cover, saving energy consumption.

3. The long service life of automatic rising bollards

Compared with traditional gates, the service life of automatic rising bollards is much longer, the failure rate is lower, the maintenance cost is also much lower, with the continuous popularity of automatic rising bollards, this point will be more and more obvious.

4. Low-cost and  humanized automatic rising bollards

Automatic rising bollards does not need to lay underground pipes, so the construction cost is very low, and the installation is very simple, which can save a lot of construction time. In the specific settings, automatic rising bollards is very humanized, the distance between the pile unit and the controller is not required, which has greater freedom in the construction.

5. Easy maintenance of automatic rising bollards

In terms of specific maintenance, the automatic rising bollards are also very satisfactory, because there is no need to lay underground pipes, maintenance does not need to make a big fuss, only need to take out the pile body in the  pile to solve the problem, the so the cost of maintenance is very low.

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