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What Are the Reasons for the Increasing Popularity of Automatic Rising Bollards?

The automatic rising bollard is a traffic control product, which is widely used in many occasions such as urban traffic, key units, highways, toll stations, airports, schools, banks, large clubs, parking lots, and pedestrian streets. Through restrictions on passing vehicles, the traffic order and the safety of major facilities and places are effectively guaranteed.

1. Flexibility of automatic rising bollards

The most commonly seen stone piers are cheaper and easy to install. However, it cannot be repaired after being damaged, and there are limitations in its use. The long-term fixed cylinder cannot be moved in case of emergency. In addition to the flexible lifting function, automatic rising bollards also have the option of disassembly or tilting. Under normal circumstances, the automatic rising bollards can be raised to prevent vehicles from passing, and the automatic rising bollards can be lowered in case of a fire incident.

2. The impact and wear resistance of stainless steel automatic rising bollards

The red plastic column roadblocks commonly seen at the entrances of supermarkets and hospitals are cheap and free to place. However, they are prone to breakage and aging, and it is difficult to achieve control without the presence of security personnel, and it is easy to become the target of intrusion of electric vehicles under the condition of heavy traffic. The automatic bollards adopt a stainless steel column, and the wall thickness can be selected. It is difficult for ordinary battery cars and vehicles to bend it, and it has good anti-aging and anti-damage effects.

3. Other advantages of automatic rising bollards

(1) The stainless steel material is durable, and wiping them can keep bright as new;

(2) The automatic rising bollards are hydraulically driven, which can be flexibly raised or lowered, and can be flexibly expanded and contracted.

(3) The automatic rising bollards can be raised by 60cm, and a 20cm hidden column is added, which is more robust against collision;

(4) Anti-collision automatic rising bollards with aluminum track/steel track slider;

(5) Beautiful appearance, which is high-grade.

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