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Tactile Paving: Nurturing Warmth with Care

The eyes are the windows to the soul and play a vital role. However, some people live in eternal darkness. Due to visual impairment, they cannot see the beauty of the world. Blind individuals rely on the assistance of others, as well as blind canes and tactile bars on the road for travel. However, many blind paths suffer from design flaws and poor management. Instead of serving as a green passage for visually impaired individuals, these paths create more inconveniences, such as interruptions, damages, and water accumulation, rendering these facilities unable to fulfill their intended purpose.

Tactile paving bricks facilitate the mobility of blind individuals

A society's level of civilization is reflected in the hardware facilities and support services it provides for people with visual or other disabilities. Caring for blind individuals involves not only assisting and maintaining the blind paths but also permeating aspects of their daily lives. By using permeable tactile paving bricks, the travel of visually impaired individuals becomes more convenient. The permeability and water retention capabilities of these bricks allow rainwater to quickly infiltrate, effectively reducing the impact of water accumulation on the travel of blind individuals. Additionally, these bricks have high compressive and bending strength as well as wear resistance, minimizing the negative effects caused by common cement tactile paving bricks becoming damaged.

Slip resistance of tactile paving bricks

Furthermore, the grainy structure on the surface of permeable tactile paving bricks provides a high level of slip resistance. Rainwater and melted snow can penetrate or be stored in the permeable bricks, keeping the ground mostly dry. Therefore, blind individuals can confidently walk even during rainy or snowy weather. Additionally, the different textures of various permeable tactile paving bricks can provide different tactile sensations for blind individuals, and the colors of the bricks can stimulate their residual vision.

Connecting the "gray world" with the "beautiful world" requires both "paths" and "hearts". Clearing the "paths" means providing blind individuals with a caring walking aid, as well as eliminating the "blind spots" in our society's civilization. Maintaining "hearts" can extend the parallel world that has been overlooked in the lives of blind individuals.

Xiongchang Hardware offers a variety of tactile indicator designs for different directions to ensure accurate selection. The design and manufacture of tactile bars on the blind paths comply with various international tactile indicator standards. Our tactile indicator standards specify the requirements for new construction projects, tactile indicator designs, and applications to ensure the safety and dignity of blind or visually impaired individuals. Welcome to inquire online!

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