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From What Aspects Can You Start the Maintenance of the Automatic Lifting Column?

Automatic rising bollards can be controlled by electric, remote control or card swiping, so as to effectively prevent the entry of vehicles from outside and the intrusion of illegal vehicles. They are installed at the crossroads of pedestrian street. At ordinary times, the barricades are raised to restrict the access of vehicles. In case of emergency or special circumstances, the barricades can be lowered quickly for the passage of vehicles. It can be used in the non fully enclosed median strip on the road to prevent the vehicle from turning left or turning around at ordinary times. In case of road construction, road obstruction and other special circumstances, the roadblock can be put down to divert vehicles.

Automatic rising bollards shall be inspected and maintained regularly. If any hidden danger is found, it shall be eliminated and solved immediately, which is good for improving work efficiency, equipment service life and safety performance. So how to keep maintenance, please pay attention to the following six methods:

1. Correct operation of automatic rising bollards

Operators shall be trained for the operation of automatic rising bollards: regular inspection of operation specifications shall be carried out. If illegal operations are found, they shall be punished immediately, and those who are serious shall be transferred from this post. Full-time operators with on-the-job training must be provided for maintenance, and illegal operation and use are strictly prohibited.

2. Regularly check of the working state of the pin roll of the automatic rising bollards per month

If the set screw of the pin roll of the the automatic rising bollards is loose, be sure to pin it tightly to prevent it from falling off and causing accidents. During maintenance and cleaning, be sure to support the safety brace strut.

3. During operation, the automatic rising bollards shall be prevented from continual rising and falling

It is not suitable for continuous rapid switching between rising and falling, which is easy to shorten the service life of the motor and hydraulic pump. It is strictly prohibited to lift when there are vehicles or pedestrians to avoid accidental harm.

4. Lubricate the automatic rising bollards regularly

In the process of lifting and falling for a long time, the friction among components is relatively frequent, especially the chain and pin roll. It is necessary to ensure that an appropriate amount of lubricating oil is added regularly to ensure that the  automatic rising bollards are flexible and not stuck during operation. If there is a "squeaking" friction sound during operation, it can be basically concluded that it is due to the lack of lubricating oil. Stop working immediately and find out the reasons when it happens. Forced operation is not allowed because it’s easy to cause unforeseen hidden dangers.

5. Keep the drainage at the bottom of the automatic rising bollards unblocked and the surrounding area is clean

Ensure the service life, performance and waterproof tightness of the automatic rising bollards. In days with big ice and snow, if there is serious ice inside the bollards, it is forbidden to rise and fall. It can be operated after being thawed by heating and other methods.

6. If there is a problem with the automatic rising bollards, it shall be maintained in time

The important point of maintenance is to stop working immediately regardless of any abnormal situation, and the abnormal situation shall be explained to the after-sales customer service personnel in order to cooperate with the inspection. The automatic rising bollards can be restarted only after the abnormal situation are solved.situation

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