Automatic Bollards Have Become Indispensable Products in Our Life

With the development and progress of the 21st century, modern science and technology are gaining steam, so there are many novel inventions around us. They have not only enriched our social life, but also made our life more convenient. Today, Wuyi Xiongchang Hardware Manufacturing Co.,Ltd will introduce to you a product that can be seen everywhere and we can't live without it - automatic bollards.

The automatic bollard is a blocking device used on the entrance and exit roads. The management for vehicles on the entrance and exit roads is realized by using the bollard. The standard automatic bollards can realize remote lifting and falling control. And the automatic bollard lifting can also be controlled after license plate recognition in special places.

1. Application of automatic bollards in various places

It is the well-known bollard, also known as lifting ground pile and isolation pile. Though short , its role can not be underestimated. Generally, it is widely used in large places, such as toll stations, airports, military and urban transportation, which effectively ensures the relevant order, controls the traffic flow and makes it in an orderly state. Moreover, automatic bollards also play an important role in maintaining infrastructure, determining boundary lines and isolation belts such as sidewalks. As such, automatic bollards are an indispensable part of our social life.

2. Materials for making automatic bollards

Most of the automatic bollards are made of metal, such as stainless steel. Generally, cylindrical structure is adopted. And they are relatively rich in the color, shape and variety. What are the properties of stainless steel bollards?

(1) There is no need to establish a separate oil tank and long-distance oil pipeline distribution. What we need do is just connect the required cable.

(2) It is easy to maintain. Just open the screw on the flange of the stainless steel bollard, and then carry it out together with the bollard and hydraulic cylinder.

(3) The anti-collision effect is good. Because the foundation under the stainless steel bollard is fixed with steel bars, So even a 10t car has to go to the maintenance station for maintenance when it hits on it.

(4) The air-operated automatic stainless steel bollard can be controlled by the remote control whether it rises or falls. Of course, it can also be matched with ways like punch the clock, license plate recognition, ground feeling and so on.

(5) The electric remote control stainless steel bollard system is equipped with an emergency release system. In case of power failure and other emergencies, the stainless steel bollard can lower the bollard with the battery to open the channel and let the vehicle pass.

3. Functions of automatic bollards

Most of the automatic bollards have aesthetic functions, which not only achieve the long-term security function, but also will not make people fatigue aesthetically. For some important areas, automatic bollards can effectively prevent the invasion and destruction of foreign vehicles and ensure the cleanliness of the isolation belt.