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Design Requirements of Pavement for Blind People

Pavement for blind people should be set up on roads, squares, pedestrian streets, commercial streets, bridges, tunnels, interchanges and pedestrian underpasses in the city center area. Pedestrian bridges, pedestrian underpasses, crosswalks and major bus stations shall be provided with blind lanes with prompts.

Ⅰ. How to lay the pavement for blind people?

1: The location and direction of the blind track should be convenient for the visually disabled to walk safely and reach the location of barrier-free facilities smoothly.

2: Blind tracks should be laid continuously, and obstacles such as trees, telephone poles, cables, tree holes, manhole covers, etc. should be avoided. Other facilities should not occupy blind tracks;

3: The blind road should be set at a distance of 250~600mm from the outer wall of the sidewalk, flower platform, and green zone;

4: The blind road can be set at a distance of 250~600mm from the tree hole on the inner side of the sidewalk; if there is no tree hole on the road, the distance between the blind road and the standing edge stone shall not be less than 500mm;

5: The blind track should be set at the turning point, and its length should be greater than the width of the blind track;

6: The bus stop along the sidewalk and the separation zone should set up the blind track, the width should be 300-600mm, and the distance from the curb stone should be 250-500mm.

Ⅱ. Pavement for blind people design meaning

Pavement for blind people is a barrier-free facility in the city, which aims to provide convenience and safety for the visually impaired. It emphasizes practicality, safety and humanization, rather than aesthetics and "artistic" standards.

Pavement for blind people is the road for blind people to walk. If it is occupied or damaged, it will cause great inconvenience to blind people. I hereby appeal to the masses not to let the blind track become "busy". In fact, only a small move can create a safe and unobstructed travel environment for disabled friends.

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