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Advantages of Automatic Rising Bollards

Now the increasing number of vehicles, urban road management and parking management have become a problem; city management department suffered for this, and put forward lots of methods; especially in order to prohibit vehicles on both sides of the road on the non-motorized lane parking: some set no-parking signs, some set up stone road pillars, and some placed stone ball and blocking flower boxes; but not only did they not play a role in stopping the vehicle, and ultimately even their own safety are "difficult to protect". Automatic rising bollards, also known as "lifting barricade", can be completely raised in a few seconds to prevent the passage of vehicles.

1. Applications of automatic rising bollards

You may see these situations everywhere in life:

(1) Some stores and citizens disregard the public interest for the sake of business, parking and other individual interests, and destroy automatic rising bollards.

(2) Two road pillars which were supposed to stand separately, one of them was surprisingly moved out of its fixed position and leaned on the other one.

(3) A stone road pillar under the CTS commercial building had tilted and the cement used to fix the stone road pillar had disappeared.

(4) Eight stolen stone pillars were used to form a circle in front of the residential house and became a seat.

(5) Nearby merchants are afraid of affecting business, so they secretly pull out the "road pillar which blocks the car".

(6) In the university campus, the railroad pillar was destroyed and discarded by the driver.

2. Advantages of automatic rising bollards

Many facts show that the traditional blocking products have been unable to meet the requirements and purposes of urban management. Automatic rising bollards not only solve the above embarrassment of being destroyed, but also can achieve the purpose of an intelligent city management. There are many advantages of automatic rising bollards:

(1) Stainless steel material is durable and constant bright as new.

(2) Can be flexibly raised or lowered. (Under normal circumstances, raising the automatic rising bollards can stop the vehicles from passing, in the event of a fire incident, you can lower them).

(3) Anti-collision function of automatic rising bollards is sufficient to resist motor vehicle collisions.

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