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What is the Automatic Rising Bollard? What is the Scope of Use?

1. Definition of the automatic rising bollard

The automatic rising bollard is a device that controls the passage of vehicles. It can be used in conjunction with a barrier control system, etc., or it can be used alone. Automatic rising type is divided into hydraulic rising type and electric rising type. It is mainly designed and developed specifically to prevent unauthorized vehicles from forcibly entering sensitive areas, and has high practicability, reliability and safety. It is composed of a bottom base, lifting blocking barricade, power transmission device, control and other parts. According to the different needs of different customers, it has a variety of configuration methods for users to choose, which can meet the functional requirements of various customers.

2. The scope of use of the automatic rising bollard

The gates of important units such as state agencies and the army: install lifting and anti-riot roadblocks, which can be controlled by electric control, remote control or swiping cards. The automatic rising bollards can effectively prevent the entry of vehicles from outside units and the intrusion of illegal vehicles.

(1) Pedestrian street: At the intersection of the pedestrian street, a lifting roadblock is installed. The roadblock is usually raised to restrict the entry and exit of vehicles. In case of emergency or special circumstances (such as fire, first aid, leaders' inspection), the automatic rising bollards can quickly lower the roadblock so that vehicles can pass through.

(2) Road isolation zone: In the non-fully enclosed road isolation zone, lifting road barriers can be used to prevent vehicles from turning left or turning around. In case of special circumstances such as road construction and road congestion, roadblocks can be lowered to divert vehicles.

(3) Multi-purpose plaza: during the day, roadblocks are raised to prohibit vehicles from entering the plaza, and the plaza is used as a temporary parking lot at night, and the automatic rising bollard is lowered so that vehicles can enter and park.

(4) Open parks: Lifting roadblocks are installed at the intersections of open parks. The roadblocks are usually raised to prevent the passage of vehicles but visitors can pass freely. In special circumstances, lower the automatic rising bollard to allow vehicles to pass.

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