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The Structure of Aluminum Stair Tread Nosing and Its Characteristics in Practical Application

1. Characteristics of practical application of the aluminum stair tread nosing

The the aluminum stair tread nosing is a branch of the anti-skid strip, and it is named after it is made of all-aluminum alloy. The whole frame of the anti-skid strip is made of aluminum alloy, and the aluminum alloy used is made of European and American oxidized aluminum alloy. It is famous in the anti-skid strip industry for its excellent quality and long service life. Except for the frame, the fabrics of the anti-skid strips are all green and environmentally friendly, and they are ready to use without any irritating odor.

Because the aluminum alloy material is used, the color of the product base is fixed as silver or dark yellow, but the plastic strips on the base can be arbitrarily selected according to the customer's own wishes. This product belongs to the way of aluminum alloy base and plastic strip, so the anti-skid effect is very obvious, and because of the characteristics of aluminum alloy, the life of the anti-skid strip of the stairs is guaranteed, which can be used for a long time and the damage rate is extremely low. Moreover, these anti-skid strips are easy to install, and they are equipped with installation instructions. After careful viewing, the anti-skid strips can be installed.

After the rainy and snowy weather, the stair step nosing will be stained with a lot of debris. The ordinary anti-skid strips are particularly troublesome to clean up these sundries and need to be washed repeatedly. Because of the special material of the anti-skid strips, when cleaning Very convenient, simply rinse with water and wipe dry. If the aluminum stair tread nosing is damaged, there is no need to replace the overall anti-skid strip, just remove the damaged plastic strip and replace it.

2. Maintenance knowledge of the aluminum stair tread nosing

Compared with wooden and plastic anti-skid strips, the aluminum stair tread nosings are more colorful and wear-resistant, anti-aging, anti-bacterial, flame-retardant, stain-resistant, environmentally friendly, odorless, and non-toxic. Therefore, it is also widely favored by the owners when it is decorated. So what are the precautions for the installation and maintenance of the aluminum stair tread nosings?

(1) A very important point is that the cleaning tools used must be checked before each cleaning to prevent the ground from being polluted by secondary oil pollution during cleaning.

(2) The ground after anti-skid treatment needs to be cleaned frequently. Regularly use alkaline cleaning solution or special alkaline cleaner for porcelain surface and water or warm water to dilute to a concentration of 1:7-10 (the proportion of oil pollution can be reduced) Splash evenly or wet with a flat mop onto the ground, then scrub with a long-handled brush or abrasive washer.

(3) A clean floor will also double the effect of aluminum stair slip strips. The aluminum stair anti-slip strip is luxurious and beautiful in appearance, durable, and the surface layer PVC strip with special formula is convenient for installation and construction. It can not only protect the surface of the stairs from damage, but also prevent people from slipping up and down the stairs and hurting people.

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