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Basic Knowledge about Automatic Rising Bollards

What are the differences between automatic rising bollards and semi-automatic lifting pile? Now, Wuyi Xiongchang Hardware Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is making an introduction to you about them. We hope our introduction can better help customers in selection.

1. Introduction of automatic rising bollards

The automatic rising bollards are specially designed and developed to prevent unauthorized vehicles from breaking into sensitive areas, featuring high practicability, reliability and safety. It is composed of four parts: outer barrel, bottom base, hydraulic lifting movement, blocking bollard and electric control box part. It's equipped with a variety of control modes according to different needs.

The automatic rising bollards adopt integrated independent hydraulic drive, the bollard body is made of 304 stainless steel, and the lifting speed is about 3 seconds. The automatic rising bollards are mainly used in some sensitive areas. The lifting bollard features anti-collision performance at certain level to resist the malicious collision of vehicles. The automatic rising bollards are installed on the ground. When they fall, vehicles can pass freely and they can be level with the ground. When passing through the road pile, vehicles can not even feel its existence.

2. Introduction of semi-automatic lifting column

The semi-automatic lifting pile is an electric intelligent product, mainly used to control and block the passage of vehicles. It can be equipped with the barrier control system or used alone. At the same time, the license plate recognition system can also be used to control the lifting and falling of the lifting road pile. The semi-automatic lifting column mechanically controls the lifting of the column. The lifting time is no more than 2 seconds. There is no need for power supply and wiring. It is widely used to manage the entrance used at low frequency, that is, the crossings with low-level traffic flow.

The color can be selected arbitrarily, and it can be used with the automatic lifting column. Lowering: Open with the key to release the mechanical device. Apply pressure on the top of the piling, lower the column back to the ground, and automatically lock it. Rise: Turn the key, the column will rise, and automatically lock at the top position.

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