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Use Time of Aluminum Alloy Stair Anti-slip Nosing Strip

A building will have a life span of at least several decades, especially some commercial buildings, which will become a landmark of a place and leave a long-lasting impression on people. For such long-term use of a place that is visited by a lot of people every day, the selection of internal facilities should also fully consider the service life. If it is a product of poor quality or poorly designed, it will break if it is not used for a long time, and also needs frequent maintenance or replacement, which is very troublesome for the operator and will also bring a lot of unnecessary investment. Regarding the commonly used aluminum stair anti-slip nosing, what is its service life and can it withstand years of use?

1. The durability of aluminum stair anti-slip nosings

Through the verification of countless users, the life of the aluminum stair anti-slip nosing is very worthy of recognition. First of all, its manufacturing material determines its very good durability. In many occasions, aluminum alloy has replaced traditional steel as a very important structural material, and it does not require painting. The gloss of the surface can play a very good decorative effect. This is why so many buildings choose to use aluminum stair anti-slip nosing strips.

2. The aluminum stair anti-slip nosing has higher strength

The strength of the anti-slip material of the stairs is very high. Even if people keep stepping on their feet every day, they can maintain their own luster for a long time, and will not easily bump and lose their luster, and provide silent protection for everyone to prevent people from accidentally falling down and causing injury.

3. The advanced touch of the aluminum stair anti-slip strip

If you want the aluminum anti-slip stair nosing to feel more flexible, you can choose a rubber anti-slip nosing product. The main structure of this product is still aluminum alloy, which provides overall strength to the anti-slip nosing, while the rubber strip is fixed above the aluminum alloy. In this way, two different materials can play their own advantages. In comparison, rubber feels softer and has good elasticity. It can provide enough friction to play a role of non-slip.

4. Various colors of aluminum stair anti-slip nosings

Of course, the appearance of rubber and aluminum alloy is different. You can make a comprehensive decision based on the interior design style. In fact, stair slip-resistant strips of various colors have appeared on the market now, which can better match the decoration effect, instead of a single metal color, providing a wider range of choices for everyone.

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