The Selection and Installation of Anti-slip Stair Nosing

I'm sure we've all experienced slippery feet or even falls when going upstairs in the rain or snow, this is because the anti-slip stair bar is not installed on the stair. Today we will introduce the information about the selection of the anti slip stair nosing and stair nose installation.

Anti slip stair nosing not only prevent us from slipping and falling up and down stairs, but also protect the stair treads! Stair anti-slip bar is generally higher than the stair table, generally 2 ~ 3cm is the best height. The actual height is based on the actual condition of the stairs.

In order to avoid the illusion when going up and down the stairs, the height of the anti-slip bars on each footpath on the stairs should also be consistent at the same length and height, if you must change, should be controlled within 2 to 3cm.

The length of the anti slip nosing of tread is generally calculated as the distance between the two ends of the stair tread minus 3cm, to extend the meter. Stair anti-slip is pull through regularly, if the tread length is 1 meter, the anti-slip is also 1 meter, unless there are other obstructions on both sides of the tread.

Generally there are about 15 to 20 centimeters of different colors of tiles on both sides of family stair treads, the middle is the footpath. Anti-skid strips are installed along the edge of the step inward 3-5cm position, usually two of them will be enough. The best distance between the two anti-skid strips is 3-5cm, which looks more coordinated.

Anti-slip stair bar is generally divided into 3 kinds:

  1. One is the wrap-around corner, which is L-shaped we commonly see, so that they protect the sides of the stairs.

  2. there is also an I-shaped one, which is fixed with screws, and the installation position is usually directly against the footpath edge.

  3. The third is the non-slip inserts, two slits are made in the stair treads, and then non-slip inserts are directly embedded in it.

After reading the above information, I believe you have a good understanding of the selection and installation of anti-slip copper stairs. For safety reasons, it is advisable to install anti-slip stair bar. In this way, even if it's snowing and raining, you won't slip and fall when climbing stairs. The exquisite anti-slip stair nosing can also decorate the home's style.

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