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Please Love the Tactile Paving, Love the "Eyes" of the Blind

1. Tactile paving for the blind

Visually impaired people are a group of people who lack a sense of security. Some blind people are injured due to defects in the design of tactile paving or occupation of tactile paving. They may never choose tactile paving for travel. After the utilization rate of tactile paving decreases, the occupation will increase. , which further makes the tactile paving unusable, forming a vicious circle.

The tactile paving design is reasonable and compliant, the tactile paving products are safe and reliable, and the tactile paving paving is more user-friendly, so that the blind travel becomes the norm, more caring, more empathy, and more kindness to others, so that the blind can travel normally with everyone Together to maintain a virtuous dynamic cycle of haptic paving.

2. Tactile paving is a sign of social civilization

Tactile paving, a seemingly ordinary path, shows a city's care for the disadvantaged and is also a sign of civilization. Many people will ask, why haven't I seen blind people walking on the tactile pavement? The answer is very simple. Our tactile paving construction and maintenance have not yet reached the standard for blind people to travel alone. This road is all for the blind people walking on it.

With the development of the times, many blind people are trying to break out of this circle and go outside to soak up the sun. However, if at this time they are greeted by a tactile pavement with many obstacles under their feet, their trust in us and society may gradually weaken. Tactile paving is the "eyes" of the blind. It is hoped that relevant administrative departments will increase publicity efforts, remind citizens to consciously maintain tactile paving, raise the public's awareness of respecting and caring for the blind, and show more care to the weak, so that tactile paving becomes a real green channel.

Xiongchang Hardware, as a production base of tactile paving hardware in China, deeply feels that it has a heavy responsibility on its shoulders. Although tactile paving hardware products are small, they cannot tolerate any defects. We not only produce tactile paving hardware products, but also design, lay and maintain us in practical applications. Keep track of it all the time. If our products are laid on the road and cannot allow blind people to travel alone, the meaning will be gone. It is understandable that the world is based on ordinary people, but what is civilization? It is to tear open the darkness and let the light in.

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