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Types of Tactile Pavements and Their Uses

At present, ceramic tactile paving, cement tactile paving, metal tactile paving and rubber tactile paving are widely used, each of which has its unique performance advantages.

1. What are the types of tactile paving

(1) Ceramic tactile paving

It belongs to ceramic products, with good
ceramic performance, water absorption, frost resistance and compression resistance, beautiful and generous. Purpose: it is generally used in places with high demand such as high-speed railway stations and municipal subways, with long service life.

(2) Cement tactile paving

The production cost of this tactile paving is relatively low. It can be made with secondary-recycled construction materials waste. It is relatively environmentally friendly. Purpose: it is generally suitable for low-end needs such as community roads. However, it features short service life.

(3) Metal tactile paving

This metal tactile paving is widely used. It is generally used on both sides of municipal roads and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

(4) Rubber tactile paving

It is a new tactile paving product, which is suitable for early planning change and later transformation. It is convenient for construction.

The material is made of pure natural rubber without pollution and odor. It is a kind of brick for municipal construction with 300x300x7mm and other specifications, but it is obviously different from other square bricks in appearance. There are high dots and strip convex on the surface, which can point out the direction for the blind, so it is also called blind-guide brick.

2. Laying of rubber tactile paving

Rubber tactile paving is manufactured according to the standards of the International Disabled Person Business Development League. It has excellent design, sensitive tactile feeling, strong corrosion resistance, wear resistance and long service life. The surface of this high-strength rubber tactile paving is beautiful and smooth, which is suitable for indoor or outdoor decoration. Its rugged model can not only make the blind road safer, but also beautify the environment. During construction, the installation method of rubber tactile paving is also very simple and convenient, which is just spreading glue on it.

(1) The ground shall be flat without sand, oil stain and crack.

(2) The ground moisture content shall not exceed 3%, and the temperature shall not be lower than 15 ℃.

(3) The rubber tactile paving floor shall be placed on site for more than 24 hours to restore the memory of the floor.

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