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The Classification of Lifting Columns

Ⅰ. The origin of the lifting column

Lifting columns are also known as lifting ground columns, lifting road piles, car stoppers, piles, etc. It originated abroad, and there are two theories about the time of its initial invention: one says it started in the 17th century, another says it started in the 19th century. It was called "bollard" in foreign countries at the time, and the word "bollard" originally described a short vertical column, which is often seen when large ships are moored in the port.

At that time it was not called a lifting column, but a street bollard, with one and only one fixed form of face. But later, due to the increasing use of lifting columns, designers designed them as intelligent bodies that can be raised and lowered. The material has also changed from the original wood to metal, and the function of the bollard has been continuously improved. It is said that street bollards began in the 17th century and were shaped like upside-down cannons, used as boundary setting and city signs. Since then, more and more lifting columns have appeared in our daily life.

The functions of the lifting column are also various. Some are used to indicate that the vehicle cannot be parked here, some are used to prevent the vehicle from forcibly rushing, some are used to divide the roadway and sidewalk, and some are used to indicate the direction of travel.

Ⅱ. Classification of lifting columns

(1) Fully automatic bollard

The lifting and landing of the lifting column can be completed automatically, and the fully automatic bollard is also the main equipment of the manufacturers of lifting column products. It is generally used in places where takeoffs and landings are frequent and there are security forces around.

(2) Semi automatic bollards

Lock or release the lifting column with a key. When the device is in the raised state, step on it with your foot after releasing the device through the key, and then it will automatically lock, and it will automatically rise after releasing it through the key again. This type of product is mostly used in places that rarely need to take off and land, or places where there are no security forces around. Main reasons: first, the semi automatic bollard saves the construction cost, and the second is that the semi automatic bollard has no control panel or control cabinet with high security against theft. For example, in places such as pedestrian streets and squares, semi automatic bollards can be used, and in some large-width entrances and exits, fully automatic bollards can be used.

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