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Installation Methods of Aluminium Stair Nosing Suppliers

In many cases, a perfect detail determines the success or failure of the design. It is a problem worthy of attention that how to make the connection and collocation of various materials look beautiful and reasonable. The aluminum stair nosing supplier seems to be a small problem for a house with stairs. But it plays an important role in the whole space layout and reasonable function arrangement, which can improve the visual effect and sensory effect of the whole space to a certain extent.

Installation methods of aluminium stair nosing suppliers

1. The plane and elevation of the stairs should be 90 degrees and the stairs should be cleaned up first.

2. When installing the aluminum alloy base, drill the corresponding holes on the aluminum alloy base and the corresponding steps with a professional drill and fix the aluminum alloy base on the steps with expansion screws. Then put the PVC leather strip on the fixed aluminum alloy base.

Wuyi Xiongchang Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of aluminum stair nosing suppliers. Our aluminum stair nosing suppliers are with excellent wear-resistant, anti-skid, and mute effects. We have a variety of specifications and colors, which are suitable for all kinds of stairs. Moreover, they are with a double anti-skid protection function composed of aluminum anti-skid groove and PVC anti-skid adhesive tape. The protruding effect, flame-retardant, and anti-oxidation effect of the anti-skid lines are excellent. The lines of aluminum stair nosing suppliers are clearly visible. PVC adhesive strips can be replaced at any time to make your aluminum stair nosing suppliers more diversified in style. Welcome to buy!

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