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The Role of Automatic Rising Bollard and Maintenance Precautions

In our daily life, we often see automatic rising bollards, but do you know how to maintain automatic rising bollards? Are there any tips for maintaining automatic rising bollards? Let's take a look at the maintenance techniques of automatic rising bollards.

1. Introduction to automatic rising bollards

Automatic rising bollards, also known as lifting ground column, lifting road pile, anti-collision road pile, hydraulic automatic rising bollard, isolation pile, etc. It was originally described as a short, vertical pillar, and they were often used when large ships anchored in the port.

Automatic rising bollards can manage pedestrian traffic, protect critical infrastructure, set boundaries, and differentiate road facilities.

When the automatic rising bollards cannot perform normal work or the internal components are damaged, and the motor cannot be automatically powered off, the stop button must be manually pressed and repaired in time to prevent damage to the motor due to long-term operation. Routine maintenance, regular inspection and maintenance of automatic rising bollard equipment are the basis to ensure that the equipment can be at the best working efficiency.

Ⅱ. The following points should be paid attention to when the automatic rising bollards are maintained

1. In the process of electrical maintenance, the relevant power supply must be cut off in time, and maintenance, inspection and other signs must be hung on obvious positions;

2. Check switches, buttons, indicators, buzzers, etc. monthly;

3. The screws on each terminal and each electrical component should also be checked monthly to see if there is any looseness;

4. Regularly carry out dust removal and maintenance operations on the surface of the automatic rising bollard equipment, the electrical control system and the hydraulic control system;

5. The transmission mechanism and mechanical fixing mechanism of the equipment need to be tightened regularly.

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