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Indicative Meaning and Construction Method of Tactile Paving

The pavement for blind is a kind of facility designed to help the blind walk. In recent years, rubber tactile indicators are attracting more and more attention and favor because of its characteristics of comfortable foot feeling, wear-resistance, anti-skid and simple installation. Like ordinary brick tactile indicators, rubber tactile indicators are paved with two types of bricks. One is guiding lath bricks, which guide the blind to move forward safely, so it's also called go-ahead pavement for blind; The other one refers to the warning bricks with dots, which indicates that there are obstacles in front of the blind and it's time to turn, so it is also called warning pavement for blind.

Ⅰ. Tactile paving is very easy to install

Preparation materials: Rubber tactile paving, glue, cable arranger, broom, rag, brush, rubber hammer.

1. Arrange the wiring according to the pavement for blind on site, and the wiring must be arranged straightly.

2. The brick bottom of the rubber tactile indicators and the ground shall be glued and plastered evenly at the same time.

3. Clean the ground first and wipe it with a rag. Be sure to keep the ground clean.

4. Clean up sundries on site.

Ⅱ. Tactile paving precautions

1. Under normal circumstances, it takes 48 hours for the adhesive of the rubber tactile indicators to set completely. In addition to the necessary installer's careful walking, any passage shall be avoided, so that the adhesive can be set completely.

2. It is better not to overlap the seam lines of rubber tactile paving and ground stone to avoid degumming.

3. It is recommended to choose glue with better quality.

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