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Design Principle of Stainless Steel Retractable Bollard

Nowadays, stainless steel retractable bollards are widely used in schools, parking lots, pedestrian streets, airports, banks and other occasions, which can effectively ensure the safety of various transportation facilities and public places. So how does it work? Next, Xiongchang, as a professional stainless steel bollard supplier, will explain to you the working principle and design scheme of stainless steel lifting bollards.

1. Working principle of stainless steel retractable bollard

Stainless steel retractable bollard includes many types,such as removable stainless steel bollards. The working principle of stainless steel retractable bollard mainly includes leveling locking circuit, telescopic balance circuit, luffing balance circuit and emergency dispersion system. In order to make the platform suddenly damaged due to an accident in the hydraulic system or pipeline, in order to ensure that the workbench will not scatter the system in an emergency, in order to make the platform suddenly stop working due to an accident in the hydraulic system or pipeline, in order to ensure that the workbench will not cause the arm to suddenly fall or the safety of lifting dangerous equipment such as rollovers, we design for the different situations of each system.

2. Stainless steel retractable bollard design

(1) Design of telescopic system

First of all, in the event of an accident, in addition to the automatic locking of the oil circuit immediately, the cylinder must be retracted by manually operating the stainless steel retractable bollard; secondly, because the cylinder is relatively large, the internal leakage requirements of the valve member are not very high. Therefore, the dual hydraulic one-way sequence valve is connected to the oil passage inlet of the telescopic cylinder through the rod chamber and the rodless chamber, and is installed in the cylinder block at the same time. The upper valve member may be in a position to be operated by a worker below.

(2) Variable amplitude system design

In addition to the same factors as the telescopic system, a similar oil circuit is provided in the rodless chamber because the lifting column luffing cylinder is always in compression.

(3) Horizontal system design

Since the upper leveling cylinder is supporting, when the angle of the boom changes, it only uses the pressure oil produced by the expansion and fall of the cylinder to follow the movement to ensure the table is in a horizontal position. In the event of an accident, the response speed is required to be fast, the oil circuit is closed, and there is no internal leakage, so the hydraulic control check valve is used.

(4) Design of other considerations

The stainless steel retractable bollard should be carefully considered and calculated in the design of the pressure and setting method required for each pressure regulating valve, the system not only works properly, but also prevents the lifting column from being excessively overloaded.

The above is to introduce the whole content of stainless steel retractable bollard to you, I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more, you can browse our website, we will provide you with more professional information!

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