Classification of Color of Tactile Paving

There are three colors of tactile paving in our company: yellow tactile painting, green tactile painting, and gray tactile painting. But all these kinds of tactile paving are used for different purposes.

The yellow tactile paving is mostly used in municipal projects, squares, main signal lights for the blind's convenience, and also for the vigorous construction of the high-speed railways in our country.

The gray tactile paving is mostly used in subway projects. Now the subway is also a project advocated by the state, which is cheap and fast. We are also proud of our grey tactile paving products.

A new type of green tactile pavement material
In recent years, the colorful ceramic tactile pavement is a new type of pavement material widely used in the world. It is formed by high-temperature firing, with ridge, feldspar, quartz, and clay as the main raw materials, and added inorganic high-temperature pigment. It is characterized by skid resistance, wear resistance, environmental protection, corrosion resistance, low water absorption, bright color and high grade, beauty, fast color, hardness, firmness, long service life, and so on. This product is widely used in the pavement laying and marking of expressways, airports, airport runways, railway stations, subways, bus platforms, parking lots, parks, squares, schools and hotels, office buildings and so on. It is a new optimal material in the construction of landscape city, landscape community, and the beautification of the urban environment.