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Features of Carborundum Insert Stair Nosing Products

1. The carborundum insert stair nosing is the best step nosing

The construction engineering community believes that the surface of carborundum material with the appropriate resistance has the most safe anti-slip function, the highest anti-slip safety factor and the best water permeability, and it is the first choice in terms of anti-slip materials for stair. After years of research and development, the Xiongchang carborundum insert stair nosing has surpassed traditional anti-slip strips. It has high water permeability, and it is a product with excellent anti-slip material performance when it encounters oil or water. The carborundum step nosing is easy to install and the surface is very wear-resistant. It is not afraid of heavy traffic, so the construction period can be shortened and work efficiency improved.

2. What are the characteristics of the carborundum insert stair nosing?

(1) Light weight: it is an important factor considered in structural design. It has a good effect on reducing the load of bridges, multi-storey parking lots, viaducts, etc.

(2) Greatly extend the service life of the original structure.

(3) Highly wear-resistant: the carborundum step nosing can resist the abrasion of high-hardness and high-strength object. It can easily grind hard objects such as steel and marble without damage.

(4) Mold resistance: the cured carborundum step nosing is resistant to most molds and can be used under harsh tropical high temperature conditions.

(5) Long service life: the internal frosted silicon carbide and mixed matrix have strong chemical stability.

(6) The base surface is not affected by the outside world: the carborundum insert stair nosing has excellent anti-slip and wear-resistant effects under various conditions (for example, mixed conditions such as rain and oil).

(7) Chemical resistance: long-term soaking with various chemicals has no effect on the product.

(8) Good flexural performance: the carborundum insert stair nosing has good tensile and flexural strength and is not easy to break.

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