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What Are the Performances of Tactile Pavings of Different Materials?

Tactile pavings are also called blind sidewalk pieces, blind sidewalk boards, etc. This product is a kind of blind sidewalk floor tile designed for the blind, which can effectively prevent the blind from going the wrong way and prevent injuries when they fall. There are many materials for this product, such as ceramics, cement, sintering, rubber and so on. The main specifications are: 300*300*25, 300*300*20, 250*250*25, 250*250*20, 300*400*20, 300*400*25 400*400*20, 400*400*25 . It is widely used in public places such as railway stations, subways, large stadiums, urban construction, etc. When we are faced with so many materials, which material should we choose? First of all, we need different materials with different kind of performance. So what's the performance of tactile pavings of different materials?

1. Ceramic tactile paving

This tactile paving belongs to ceramic products, which has good porcelainization, water absorption, frost resistance and compression resistance, and beautiful appearance. It is generally used in high-speed railway stations, municipal subways and other places with high demand on it, but the price is relatively expensive.

2. Cement tactile paving

Cement tactile pavings have the lowest production cost and can be used for secondary recycling of building materials. They are relatively environmentally friendly and cheap, and are generally suitable for low-end needs such as roads in residential areas. But the service life is short.

3. Rubber tactile paving

Rubber tactile paving is a new type of product, which is suitable for planning changes in the early stage, and used in the later transformation of tactile paving. It is convenient for construction.

4. Sintered tactile paving

Sintered tactile pavings are widely used. Sintered tactile pavings are generally used on both sides of municipal roads and are suitable for outdoor use. But it is easy to get dirty and difficult to maintain and clean.

The use places of tactile pavings of different material are different. If you are using it in the municipal government or high-speed rail stations, you can use ceramic tactile paving; if you are in a residential area or a roadside, you can use cement material. All in all, you can choose the right tactile paving products according to your own demand.

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