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What Are the Classifications of Tactile Paving by Material?

There are four types of tactile paving: ceramic, cement, stainless steel and plastic. Each material has different purposes, so we should pay attention to it when purchasing. Ceramic guide bricks are used for high-speed railway and train platforms, and cement is used for sidewalks. However, now the municipal government requires high standards, and the blind guide brick is slowly replaced by ceramic guide brick. Stainless steel and plastic are used for roads for the blind. What are the material differences between them? Let's talk about it now!

1. Cement tactile paving

Advantages of cement tactile paving: The price is cheap. This kind of guide brick is poured with cement. There are many holes in the brick body, which is characterized by high water absorption, low compressive strength and short service life.

2. Stainless steel tactile paving

It is made of iron and steel. The brick is thin and easy to deform. After a long time of use, the surface is smooth, which is easy to cause potential safety hazards to pedestrians.

3. Plastic tactile paving

It is a plastic product. The brick is thin, not resistant to rolling, easy to crack and deform, and has short service life.

4. Ceramic tactile paving

It is made of quartz, feldspar and clay as the main raw materials and fired at high temperature. The brick is dense and compact, with low water absorption, anti-skid and wear resistance, high compressive strength and long service life. It has the advantages of sensitive touch, beautiful appearance, high wear resistance, low temperature resistance, impact resistance and long service life.

What is talked about above is the types of tactile paving that Xiongchang share with you. Hope you can learn more about tactile paving through our sharing. If you are interested in our products, you can continue to pay attention to us and we will regularly update the relevant knowledge about our products.

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