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The Advantages of Stainless Steel Bollards Compared with Stone Piers

Lifting column, also known as lifting ground column, lifting road pile, anti-collision road pile, hydraulic lifting column, isolation pile, etc. They are often used when large ships are berthed in ports. Today, its meaning has expanded, and stainless steel bollards are used to describe various facilities that manage pedestrian traffic, protect critical infrastructure, set boundaries, and distinguish roads. Stone piers are barricades made of granite and marble. They can also be used as traffic control tools and play a certain role in the process of managing vehicle traffic. Both are channel control products, belonging to traffic facilities and roadblocks. They have the same function and different differences. Now let's take a look at the differences between the two.

1. Functional differences between stainless steel bollards and stone piers

Now on the market, the styles of stone piers are diverse, including flat-top, spherical, cylindrical, etc., and there are also types that can be planted. These stone piers are more beautiful, and plants can bring vitality, making ordinary stone piers more attractive. Vibrant. However, the stone pier does not have a power drive system, so it can only stand stably on the street, while the stainless steel bollard can rise and fall freely. The bottom of the lift column is equipped with a hydraulic drive system, which has strong power and stable system. When a vehicle passes, only You need to press the remote control lightly, the lifting column will automatically be flush with the ground, and the vehicle can pass at this time.

2. The impact resistance of stainless steel bollards is stronger than that of stone piers

Stone piers are made of granite, marble or other materials, and their hardness and weight are indeed inferior to stainless steel products. Ordinary vehicle collisions are either "unrecognizable" or "shattered", and the thickness of stainless steel bollards can reach 8mm, so even The malicious collision of the vehicle will not be terrible, and it will not hit the core part of the bottom.

Stainless steel bollards have become the ideal and best way to solve the problem of rapid pedestrian diversion, especially in places where people are concentrated, such as airports, railway stations, stadiums, schools, etc., the lifting bollards will not cause obstacles to people's passage, which is very convenient , smooth, safe and reliable.

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