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Three Major Construction Processes of Collision-Proof Lifting Columns

Anti-collision lifting columns exist in all aspects of society, which is enough to explain their important role to us. Otherwise, they wouldn't be applied so widely. Next, let's introduce the processes of the lifting columns in construction.

Drainage system of anti-collision lifting columns

In order to ensure stable operation of the lifting columns in adverse weather conditions, effective drainage system design should be adopted in the construction design, and drainage pipes should be laid under the installation base of the lifting columns. Through this design, rainwater and other sewage can be drained to nearby sewers or low-lying areas through drainage pipes. If there is too much water accumulation and natural drainage cannot meet the relevant requirements, an actively drained collecting well with a built-in automatic submersible pump can be used for drainage.

When there is no drainage system within 1.5m of the equipment installation location, excavation wells are used for installation. When the water level reaches a certain level, the water pump is activated by a floating ball reaching a certain height, and the accumulated water is pumped away. When the accumulated water on the ground decreases to a certain value, the floating ball drops and the water pump stops working. To ensure that the cable of the water pump is not affected by accumulated water, causing short circuits and other problems, galvanized steel pipes are used to pass the cable into the control box.

Installation and concrete backfilling of anti-collision lifting columns

According to the requirements of the construction drawings, the installation spacing should be strictly controlled, and the protective columns, control boxes and other equipment should be installed in the arranged drainage layer. The drainage holes at the bottom of the driveway bollards should be aligned with the reserved three-way joints to ensure that each hole corresponds to the drainage pipe and ensure good drainage performance during operation. In order to confirm the accuracy of the lifting column installation position, tools such as pull lines, horizontal pipes, and horizontal rulers are used to level, requiring that the lifting column top surface and ground be flat and that the heights of all lifting columns remain consistent after installation. If the installation ground cannot be kept level, a gradual slope should be made between the lifting column top surface and the ground. For concrete backfilling, high-grade concrete and the vibrating tool of cement mortar are used according to the requirements of the construction drawings. The concrete is vibrated and filled to near the wire junction using a vibration pole.

Laying of anti-collision lifting column pipelines and installation of control boxes

When installing control boxes, the placement position of the box body should be considered. Considering that the column needs to be raised and lowered quickly in the future, two reinforced control boxes should be installed in the large passage, on the lawn near the guard booth. A standard control box is installed in the small passage, flush with the roadside streetlights, which looks more beautiful. Before installing the control box, ensure that the ground is level and free of obvious potholes, and perform necessary civil pipeline work. The control box installation should have a foundation platform, and the embedded pipeline of driveway bollards should be pulled to the control box and the power supply inlet pipe. The control box base installation requires the box body to be higher than the surrounding ground to prevent rainwater from soaking into the box body on rainy days, affecting the stable operation of the equipment. The middle of the platform should be empty for passing pipelines, etc.

The above is the related knowledge of anti-collision lifting columns. This type of lifting column exists in the external environment, which requires us all to maintain it together. In this way, its service life can be longer, and it can provide us with good protection for our safety. Today, we will introduce it here. If you have any further questions, please feel free to consult Xiongchang Hardware!

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