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What Aspects of Accessibility Design Standards Are Present

In 1961, the United States formulated the world's first "Accessibility Standard". Since then, dozens of countries and regions including the United Kingdom, Canada, and Japan have successively formulated relevant regulations. Nowadays, the concept of barrier-free construction in the world has evolved from "convenience for the disabled" to "people-oriented construction".

At present, there are roughly six aspects in the internationally universal design standards for barrier-free architecture:

1. Install ramps instead of steps at the entrances of all public buildings, the slope of which should not be greater than 1/12;

2. Set up blind ways at places where blind people often enter and exit, and set up audio facilities for blind people to identify directions at intersections;

3. The width of the door clearance corridor should be more than 0.8 meters, and the revolving door must be equipped with an entrance for the disabled;

4. The clearance width of all building corridors should be more than 1.3 meters;

5. Public toilets should be equipped with toilets with armrests, and the door partitions should be made to open outwards or push-pull laterally to ensure that the internal space is convenient for wheelchairs to enter;

6. The net width of the elevator entrance should be above 0.8 meters.

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