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Straight Lines and Dots of Blind Way Signs

Blind way is a road facility designed to help blind people walk. Usually the lower blind path is paved by two types of bricks. One type is a strip-shaped guide brick, which guides the blind to move forward with confidence, called the marching blind path.

Use straight protruding bricks to lay straight roads. The straight protuberances point to the direction of the blind road, that is, follow the straight protruding ones when walking. Each one is 5mm above the ground, and the width should be 0.3-0.6m. It can make the blind stick and the sole of the foot feel, and it is convenient to guide the visually disabled to walk straight forward safely.

There is also a kind of reminder brick with dots, which reminds the blind that there is an obstacle in front of the blind person and it is time to turn, which is called a reminder of the blind track. It is suggested that the blind track should be covered with dot-like protruding bricks, and the corners should be in the shape of dots. Each dot should be 5mm above the ground and the width should be 0.3-0.6m. It can make the blind cane and the soles of the feet feel, so as to inform people who are visually impaired of the way ahead will change.

The blind way sign is a kind of traffic facility that simulates the blind track brick. So that it is more convenient and quick to set up the blind track. The common colors are orange, yellow and gray.

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