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The Different Meanings of Various Types of Full-Body Porcelain Tactile Tiles for Blind Paths

We can see that there are two shapes of tactile paving: round dots and stripes. Are their functions and meanings the same? Actually, round dots and stripes have different meanings and functions. Let's take a look together!

Various types of tactile tiles for blind

  • Striped guide tactile paving is used to guide blind people to move forward safely. It is also called directional tactile paving or guidance tactile paving.

  • Round dot stop tactile paving is used to indicate that there is an obstacle ahead and it's time to turn. It is also called position tactile paving or warning tactile paving. There is another type of round dot tactile paving that is larger and is a warning for potential danger ahead. It means that you should not cross it because it's dangerous.

The stripes on tactile paving are 5 millimeters higher than the surface of the paving. When blind people walk on it, it produces a feeling in their cane or feet, which helps them navigate safely. The main function of the stripes is to guide blind people to walk straight ahead. The round dots on tactile paving are often used to indicate danger ahead or that it's time to turn. The round dots on tactile paving for blind people are also 5 millimeters higher than the surface of the paving. This is to give blind people a tactile feeling so that they can make the right judgment and prevent accidents.

How to choose tactile tiles for blind?

So, how do you choose tactile paving for blind people? A simple list can help you understand. In terms of performance, full-ceramic tactile paving is the best choice.

What we often see on high-speed trains or subways are tactile paving. There are differences in the quality of tactile paving products. Full-ceramic tactile paving has high wear resistance, resistance to low temperatures, and long service life. As a building decoration material, it replaces blind road materials such as stone, cement, metal, rubber, plastic, etc. It has the advantages of clean and beautiful appearance, no color difference, no weathering, and no radiation pollution. It is also a building material. However, cost is an important factor to consider. If you buy tactile paving for blind people with low prices and poor performance, the cost of maintenance, repair, or replacement may be double the cost of purchasing tactile paving. Therefore, when choosing tactile tiles for blind, we should not only consider the price but also the strength and reputation of the manufacturer. At the same time, we should also consider whether the performance of the tactile paving is worth the price. Only by choosing the right product can we purchase high-quality products.

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