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Basic Introduction of Braille Logo

Braille signs are a kind of special sign that provides convenience for blind people to participate in daily life and social activities. The blind can judge the walking direction and distinguish things by touching. It is the embodiment of social respect, care and help for the blind.

1. Braille logo type

Braille signs include bus, station, shopping mall, hotel, map, etc. Some braille signage suppliers in China have provided braille signs. The braille bus series guide signs produced by braille guide sign factories have been applied in many cities.

2. Braille logo material

Braille signs are generally made of metal, such as stainless steel, aluminum.

3. Policy support for Braille logo

Various countries have successively promulgated policies and regulations to build barrier-free braille facilities in public places to ensure the safe passage and convenient use for social members such as the disabled, the elderly, pregnant women and children. This fully reflects a country's understanding, respect, love and help to vulnerable groups. It is conducive to advocating the fashion of helping the disabled and building a harmonious society.

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